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The Eleventh Season - ARP Maya - Leaderboard The Eleventh Season

STAR Kitakaze STAR Edinburgh Ragnarok Ignis Purgatio KlĂ©ber CLR Austin Roon CLR North Carolina CLR Georgia Ship Smasha AL Yukikaze ARP Maya Cross of Dorn AL Montpelier Ragnar Sevastopol Salem Neustrashimy Black AL Sov. Rossiya HSF Harekaze ARP Takao AL Littorio Alabama ST ARP Yamato SmĂ„land Tromp Z-42 Forrest Sherman Smolensk Gibraltar Puerto Rico Mecklenburg Incomparable Max Immelmann Alaska B Pommern B Jean Bart B Kearsarge B Loyang B Asashio B Cossack B Atago B Mainz B Tirpitz B Massachusetts B Chkalov B Kaga B Graf Zeppelin B Saipan B Yoshino B Napoli B Nottingham San Diego Daisen Illinois Pyotr Bagration Hampshire Rochester Flandre Constellation Hornet ZF-6 Admiral Schröder Sun Yat-Sen Iwami HSF Harekaze II Ochakov Belfast '43 Congress Borodino Anhalt Champagne Alabama VL Colossus Saipan Yoshino Z-44 AL Azuma Ägir Tulsa Wujing Hizen Giuseppe Verdi Kearsarge I-56 Fenyang Asashio Z-35 Wukong Mainz Tiger '59 Anchorage Lenin Brandenburg Jean Bart Massachusetts Kaga Graf Zeppelin Enterprise Cossack Gato Friesland Vampire II Álvaro de BazĂĄn Hayate Druid Somers Brisbane Stalingrad Azuma Napoli Colbert Plymouth Alaska Slava Shikishima Bourgogne Thunderer Ohio Malta Franklin D. Roosevelt Velos Paolo Emilio Groningen Benham Dalian Hector Kronshtadt Siegfried Carnot Vallejo Bajie Musashi Marco Polo Pommern Marlborough Missouri S-189 Alliance Loyang Orkan Le Terrible Kidd Irian Almirante Grau Mikhail Kutuzov De Zeven ProvinciĂ«n Prinz Eugen Bayard Cheshire Wichita AtlĂąntico Kii Roma Odin Gascogne Vanguard Alabama Sanzang Chkalov Aquila Indomitable Delny Tashkent Petropavlovsk Preussen Kiev Kitakaze U-2501 Balao GdaƄsk Grozovoi Harugumo Elbing Marceau Alexander Nevsky Yodo Marseille Goliath Worcester Schlieffen St. Vincent Louisiana Audacious Lambros Katsonis YĆ«gumo Felix Schultz Riga Takahashi Brest Drake Seattle Prinz Rupprecht Duncan Delaware U-190 Salmon Siliwangi Split Ognevoi Kagerƍ Gustav-Julius Maerker Tallinn Shimanto Cherbourg Albemarle Cleveland Zieten Hawke Nebraska Thrasher Yueyang Halland Khabarovsk Attilio Regolo Z-52 KlĂ©ber Daring Jinan San MartĂ­n Moskva Venezia Gouden Leeuw Hindenburg Henri IV Minotaur Kremlin Cristoforo Colombo Grosser KurfĂŒrst RĂ©publique Conqueror Vermont Admiral Nakhimov HakuryĆ« Manfred von Richthofen Midway Chung Mu Östergötland Adriatico Z-46 Mogador Jutland Sejong Santander Dmitri Donskoi Brindisi Johan de Witt Roon Saint-Louis Neptune Buffalo Sovetsky Soyuz Lepanto Friedrich der Grosse Alsace Lion Minnesota Sturdy Hsienyang Öland Akizuki Vittorio Cuniberti Z-23 Le Fantasque Lightning Harbin Ignacio Allende Chapayev Amalfi Haarlem Admiral Hipper Charles Martel Edinburgh Baltimore Vladivostok Vittorio Veneto Bismarck Richelieu Monarch Kansas Pobeda Shƍkaku August von Parseval Implacable Lexington Udaloi Atago Zaƍ Fletcher Izumo Des Moines Tone Yamato Iowa Montana Gearing Amagi Shimakaze Ibuki North Carolina Mogami Benson Tirpitz
Player Battles Win rate Avg. frags Max. frags Avg. damage Max. damage Avg. experience Max. experience Avg. planes destroyed Max. planes destroyed
1 Rapisu 32 65.63% 0.97 3 56 008 105 994 2 019 3 515 0.56 10
2 Hina_nee 35 60% 0.8 2 54 629 134 189 1 428 2 972 0.91 5
3 mic1265 23 56.52% 0.26 2 34 684 82 696 1 675 3 048 0.3 4
4 Photon7612 71 42.25% 0.15 2 20 577 104 384 1 426 3 078 1.44 25