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Recente gebeurtenissen

Volg andere spelers om recente gebeurtenissen in hun games te zien. Vrienden? Beste spelers? Waarom Niet!

Hoe te beginnen?

1. Zoeken naar speler.

2. Volg hem of haar


3. Wait some time.


2022-05-03 New language:
2020-01-25 Players leaderboard includes players active in last 12 months
2018-12-22 Partial support for language:
2018-10-28 Support for ranked battles in divisions!
2018-07-01 New server!
2017-12-15 Partial support for languages:
2017-12-10 Search tool redesign. It is possible to search for warships.
2017-09-27 New feature - clans relationships - mark other clans as Community member, Ally or Enemy - Clan connections
2017-06-07 New feature - progress of statistics for player, check your stats day by day
2017-04-23 Clan support - search for clans and check out the stats of clan members - example