You often ask me why lacks information about new elements added to game in past years. The sad truth is that Wargaming Public API is kind of dead. It works but is not developed anymore. Last new feature for WoWS was published in 2017... So there is no information in API about clan battles, new ranked battles, submarines. Latest status on broken/missing features can be found here. It is very difficult to maintain in that situation. But maybe we can do something? Maybe if everyone sent a support ticket asking about API, we would show that it is very important for the community?

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[OM] Odem Mortis 통계 비교

클랜 인원 47
활성 멤버수 44
개인 레이팅(PR) 2 034
평균승률 64.23%
평균데미지 75 157
클랜 실력 - 총계 93
클랜 실력 - 클랜전 99
클랜 실력
순양함 99
항공모함 78
구축함 99
전함 94
총계 93
클랜전 99
About strength

클랜 리더보드
승률 8
평균데미지 26
개인 레이팅(PR) 12
실력: 총계 2
실력: 클랜전 4


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