Wargaming did it again. With recent update some historical data for removed warships has been deleted. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do at the moment. The data for periods will repair itself. 😢😢😢

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[YESCV] YES Aircraft Carrier Statistics Compare

Members count 24
Active members count 9
Personal Rating (PR) 1 703
Average Win rate 58.41%
Average Damage 66 232
Clan strength - Total 40
Clan strength - Clan battles 48
Clan strength
Cruisers 55
Aircraft carriers 51
Destroyers 41
Battleships 42
Submarines 12
Total 40
Clan battles 48
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Win rate -
Average Damage -
Personal Rating (PR) -
Strength: Total -
Strength: Clan battles -


Enemies [BANCV] Clantag for sale KAPPA
[NOCV] CiMMeRiaNS Against to CVs