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[CORNG] The Church of RNGESUS Statistics Compare

Members count 27
Active members count 21
Personal Rating (PR) 1 595
Average Win rate 57.99%
Average Damage 54 491
Clan strength - Total 61
Clan strength - Clan battles 74
Clan strength
Cruisers 75
Aircraft carriers 24
Destroyers 74
Battleships 71
Total 61
Clan battles 74
About strength

Clans leaderboard
Win rate 65
Average Damage 125
Personal Rating (PR) 99
Strength: Total 91
Strength: Clan battles 92


Allies [RNU] ReNamedUser
Enemies [TK] TeamKrado
[TGF] The German Fighters
[TGDA] The German Death Angels
[AHPC] Alt Herren Panzer Club
[B-E-K] Bordeinsatzkompanie
[TGERS] The German Skull
[J4FUN] Paying just for Fun
[KKO] KriesenKommando
[-OGF-] Old German Fightclub