Problem with old IJN DDs is back. WG decided to remove all battles played with old DDs (Mutsuki, Hatsuharu, Fubuki, Kagero) from API. That decision broke data integrity - total battles count for account is no longer equal to sum of battles count per ships. To maintain the accuracy of our statistics (win rate, PR etc) we decided to display all of our data without those missing ships.

The problem has been reported to WG Support, we are waiting for a response. You can check status of this and other API bugs here

Personal Rating - About

The Personal Rating is measure of skill in World of Warships. It measures performance in every warship and compares it to certain expected values. Differences between actual and expected values are used to calculate final Personal Rating value.

Basic assumptions:
  • values in the range of 0 - 3000,
  • colors and values similar to the well-known World of Tanks WN8,
  • WoWS is more tactical game than WoT so win rate should influence Personal Rating,
  • number of destroyed planes should be ignored - in WoWS AA is automated so no skill is needed to destroy planes. Even with CVs killing planes is very easy (click and forget)
  • elements in order of importance: damage dealt, warship kills, win rate,

Personal Rating calculations are based on expected and actual values of wins, damage dealt and warships kills. To get expected values use expected values for warships (preview, json) and multiply them by number of battles played.

Step 1 - ratios:
rDmg = actualDmg/expectedDmg
rWins = actualWins/expectedWins
rFrags = actualFrags/expectedFrags
Step 2 - normalization:
nDmg = max(0, (rDmg - 0.4) / (1 - 0.4))
nFrags = max(0, (rFrags - 0.1) / (1 - 0.1))
nWins = max(0, (rWins - 0.7) / (1 - 0.7))
Step 3 - PR value:
PR =  700*nDMG + 300*nFrags + 150*nWins
You are free to use our Personal Rating formula and expected values, however we demand, that you attribute our site by providing link to WoWS Stats & Numbers.

If you have questions contact Wiochi on World of Warships forums.

Personal Rating - Color Scale

Skill Range
Bad 0 - 750
Below Average 750 - 1100
Average 1100 - 1350
Good 1350 - 1550
Very Good 1550 - 1750
Great 1750 - 2100
Unicum 2100 - 2450
Super Unicum 2450 - 9999
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